Personal development

I usually connect personal development to the question of how to reach the best version of yourself or how to achieve maximum happiness and contentment in life. If we are depressed, we feel helpless, we are afraid of doing something, and we are not happy with what is happening to us or how we feel, so we have small chances to achieve a higher level of happiness and satisfaction in life.
Our personal experience leads us through situations both pleasant and unpleasant and the way how we deal with unpleasant situations, later, determines how we will deal with the nextones, very much similar.
There are psychotherapeutic, coaching, and spiritual-integrative techniques and methods that can help us in this matter. They mostly take us back to those situations and those bad experiences that we had, so we are re-examining some of our mechanisms and patterns of behavior in order to find better ones. Our ideal life does not imply to have only beautiful and pleasant things happening to us, but it means that we look at these unpleasant situations from a more mature perspective and we experience them more as a challenge with personal development than as a kind of trauma.
What I rely on in my work, besides psychological counseling in the rational-emotional-cognitive therapeutic direction, is the author’s technique of Konstantin Davlatov, one of the today’s leading Russian psychologists in the applied psychology , the metaphorical associative card (MAC). Using them, it is easier to get the client or a personto the insights of his unconscious mechanisms and states that contribute to some of the blockades in responding now and here.

The technology of metaphorical associative cards of the Russian psychologist, Konstantin Davlatov, is beingapplied in the following areas of life:

1. Seeking for the optimal solution in a certain situation
2. To remove obstacles on the life road
3. To quickly remove a negative charge in relation to someone or something
4. Releasing people who have left us or have died
5. Harmonization of our subpersonalities and / or life roles
6. Processing and releasing traumatic experiences from the past
7. Processing dark sides of personality
8. Soothening chronic health problems
9. Money inflow into our life
10. Changing the life scenario
11. Accepting and using resources of ourown archetypes
12. Harmonization of energy through diagnostics and cleaning chakras
13. Family order.
The author of the technique made a synthesis of some of the most effective techniques of western and eastern psychological and spiritual practice. The method implies to the unity of the mind, the body, and the soul, and it acts integratively.